Episode 25: Evil Turkey Day


We show our spirit despite our P.H.D.(post-Halloween depression) this time out featuring an interview with Dave the Dead from The Shadow Farm, News From Beyond, "Boris the Spider" by The Who, Halloween Gift Ideas for the Holidays in the Charmed Pot, Fright Flicks and Horror Reviews, "From Here to the Hearse" by Wednesday 13, the Top Ten Cures for Post-Halloween Depression, Thanksgiving and Cannibalism in Theater of the Mind, "The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead" by The Crash Test Dummies, Mad Props for Glyphen2010's Zombie Apocalypse Bunker Entrance prop, making LED spotlights in the Prop Shop, "Spooky" by Dusty Springfield.

Enjoy the show and Stay Scary!


- - -

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