Episode 26: New Year's Revolution


The Hauntcast New Year's Bash featuring an interview with 2009 HVA Best Yard Haunt award winner Spenser Carter of Casa Fear and the music of The Young Werewolves, News From Beyond, "Black Cat" by The Young Werewolves, the Top Ten Fright Flicks Highlights, Getting Organized in the Charmed Pot, Fright Flicks and Horror Reviews, "Dead and Gone" by The Young Werewolves, The Hauntcast Oddcast Awards, The Bad Place in Theater of the Mind, "Hungry Like A Werewolf" by The Young Werewolves, "Unga Bunga Snack Bar", Mad Props for Uruk-Hai's Lovecraft Tombstone prop, the Hauntcast Scream Team post-Oddcast Q&A Party, "Zombie Prom" by The Young Werewolves, heating extruded foam in the Prop Shop.

Enjoy the show and Stay Scary!


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