Episode 27: In Smell-O-Vision


After the New Year's party the Dungeon reeks of sick for this installment featuring an interview with special guest Randy Bates of Bates Motel & Haunted Hayride and Pennhurst Asylum. Also featuring the music of horror-on-vinyl vamps Chesty Malone & The Slice 'Em Ups, News From Beyond, a Bone Phone interview with Jackie Blownaparte from Chesty Malone, the Top Ten Profiles from the single haunters website, Collectible Halloween Postcards in the Charmed Pot, Fright Flicks and Horror Reviews, "Troubles with Cannibals" by Chesty Malone & The Slice 'Em Ups, The Devil's in the Details in Theater of the Mind, Mad Props for Bobzilla's Catch of the Day prop, "Zombie Relief Fund" by Chesty Malone & The Slice 'Em Ups, heating and bending PVC in the Prop Shop.

Enjoy the show and Stay Scary!


- - -

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