Episode 35: Witch’s Brew


An informative and insightful recollection by Mr. Conal Cochran opens up this year's Halloween spooktacular featuring an interview with renowned haunt designer Tattoo aka Mike Krausert of Bad Boys Scenic Design and director of Nightmare New England/Spookyworld and Fear at Fenway.

Mix one part 60's beach party, one part B-movie, a pinch of bikinis, a splash of hot babes with pipes to match and you have this month's musical guests, Witches in Bikinis.

Revenant has updates on the latest gatherings and events in News From Beyond.

Grimlock drops more dark links for your listening, viewing and purchasing pleasure in Access Hollyween.

Chris gets In The Cut with Bill Rozar and Caitlin, the creator/producer and newest member of Witches in Bikinis and we spin their cut, "Calling King Kong".

The Mistress of Mayhem welcomes you to her parlor as she presents a tribute to "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow" in The Charmed Pot.

One-man flash mob Johnny Thunder updates us on HorrorFind Weekend and his side-gig at Bates Motel and Haunted Hayride and serves up his review of Tucker and Dale vs Evil as well as updates on upcoming TV and movie horror in Fright Flicks & Horror Reviews.

Happy Halloween greetings from the past year's guest haunters.

"Candy Corn" by Lewis Black.

"Calling Dr. Frankenstein" by Witches in Bikinis.

The Hauntcast Top Ten makes a return with the "Top 10 Treats You Should NOT Hand Out This Halloween".

Ed Gannon on crowd entertainment and walk-around characters in Something Wicked.

Chris interviews Zack from Magic Stone Productions about their still-in-production, tentatively-titled documentary Homemade House of Horrors, scheduled for release on an as-yet-unnamed NBC network sometime in 2012.

"A Scary Kind of Love" by Witches in Bikinis.

Form of monster mud... shape of statuettes... we give propers to Christie aka Dionicia12's Wonder Twins props in Mad Props for Props.

Revenant pontificates on the fine art of masquerade and costuming and the necessity of themes and change in a haunt in Theater of the Mind.

"Witches in Bikinis" by Witches in Bikinis.

Enjoy the show and Happy Halloween - - Stay Scary!


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