Episode 46: Nut Up Or Shut Up


HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: Jason Besemann of The Devil's Attic visits the dungeon.

GHOULIE GROOVES: Musician, entrepeneur and Nox Arcana collaborator Jeff Hartz of Buzz-Works.

THE BLACK MARKET: A preview of Hauntcast vendors appearing at the 2013 Transworld Halloween & Attractions Show.

NEWS FROM BEYOND: Revenant with an overview of the upcoming haunt convention season.

THE MARKETING MORGUE: The Voice From Hell compels you to obey the Unholy Trinity of haunt advertising.

THEATER OF THE MIND: Revenant dons his miner's helmet and celebrates Valentine's Day by serenading the dark side of Matters of the Heart.

THE CHARMED POT: For the 35th anniversary of Halloween, The Mistress of Mayhem pays tribute to the work of John Carpenter.

THE PROP SHOP: Denhaunt introduces us to his new mistress, Upholstery Foam.

TERROR TURNPIKE: Vyster pops some ocular capillaries at Bloodview Haunted House in Broadview Heights, OH.

SOMETHING WICKED: Wick-Ed Gannon puts the candle back on Rotating Bookcases and Secret Passages.

MAD PROPS FOR PROPS: We flip our hairpins over Pat Malloy's Flying Witch prop.

Enjoy the show and Stay Scary!


- - -

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