Episode 51: I Know Why You Did Last Summer


HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: Chris gets mouthy with Troy Frantz of Halloween Hellmouth.

GHOULIE GROOVES: Dead Bundy and the Neat, Neat, Neats tear it up on the Hauntcast Hi-Fi.

SHOCKTAILS: JT and Chris sneak into the movies and review The Purge, V/H/S/2, and World War Z.

THE BLACK MARKET: Alex Linebrink from Haunt Pay pays a visit to the Black Market.

THE MARKETING MORGUE: Compete for quality. Share the quantity. Watch both grow exponentially!

THEATER OF THE MIND: Werewolves and spiders and bats, oh my! Revenant muses over the use of animal symbolism in horror, Halloween, and haunting.

THE CHARMED POT: The Mistress of Mayhem adds another memento mori to her parlor mantle for Richard Matheson, author of Hell House and I Am Legend.

THE PROP SHOP: Denny unravels the mystery of a hot new lighting effect, Electro Luminescent Cord.

TERROR TURNPIKE: Vysther journeys down the creaky stairs into the Basement of the Dead in Aurora IL.

MAD PROPS FOR PROPS: We're floored by Vic "The Undertaker" Ives' Crypt Wall.

Enjoy the show and Stay Scary!


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