Episode 56: One-Eyed Monster


HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: They did build it and people did come to the Field of Screams, Lake Elsinore, CA. The Bloodshed Brothers play ball with Chris while consuming peanuts, crackerjack and of course beer.

GHOULIE GROOVES: We pry the lid off the Koffin Kats and unleash tracks from their newfangled LP Born of the Motor.

SHOCKTAILS: JT serves up the latest in horror and reviews putrid prints, terror vision shows and silver scream flicks including Open Grave.

THE MARKETING MORGUE: The Dark Lord hibernates in the caverns, but will return to the Morgue in March.

THE BESTIARY: Those pesky werewolves problems got you up all night? Perhaps The Bestiary can shed a little moonlight on your lycanthropy problems.

THE CHARMED POT: Succubus Shellhawk will dine on The Sin-eater.

THE PROP SHOP: Denny recoups from Brony-Fest and sleeps off his My Lil Pony escapades.

TERROR TURNPIKE: Vysther hitchhikes to Indiana's Fear Fair.

MAD PROPS FOR PROPS: Revenant gives tree-mendous propers to Halloween Forum's Rabbit101 for his Weatherproof Projector-Hiding Stump.

Enjoy the show and Stay Scary!


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