Post Mortem IX: Trigger Warning


HAUNTING GURU INTERVIEW: Chris is convicted of First Degree Murder (murdering good taste that is) after conversing with the Third Degree of Terror's creator Warren Maxwell.

THEATER OF THE MIND: Revenant looks at haunting from a different perspective as he considers the use of optical illusions in haunt-building.

BONE PHONE: Eric Gathwait from Fatal Mentality butt dials Chris to discuss his new haunt tech, the Octopill Arduino shield.

SHOCKTAILS: Visit the Last Bar on the Left and hear Baker suffer through DTs as he watches JT chug brews and review about 27 movies including It Comes At Night.

GHOULIE GROOVES: Barnyard Stompers rev up their new LP Outlaws with Chainsaws II the Payback.

Enjoy the show and Stay Scary!


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